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Symbol of high-quality Italian, Francesco Footwear is a mix of style and class, elegance and beauty, tradition and innovation.

Icon of a cutting-edge concept that does not neglect the importance of handmade craftmanship, Francesco Footwear creates exclusive models can always interpret tastes and trends in step with the times.
Attention to detail, decades of passion, research for new materials and shapes make the brand expression of Made in Italy.

Femininity is expressed with the intensity of a look, sinuous gestures, the sweetness of the voice, with a classic, but timeless little black dress and the accessories most complete woman, enhancing body and character: the shoe.

Calzaturificio Francesco since 1945 produces rare manufacturing footwear, unique for comfort, style and excellence of the materials used. The brand products Francis, since the 60s, are distributed to the best Italian brands and the continued search for novelty leads the company, in the ’80s, to upgrade production methods and to devote themselves to collaboration with major national and European brands . Beauty of style, attention to detail, material selection, entirely handcrafted, are embodied in every product designer Francesco.

In the 1960s, Francesco shoes began to be distribuited to the very best italian designer labels and, as a result of its constant desire to follow an innovative approach, in the 1980s the company decided to revamp its production methods and begin working with major brands in Italy and Europe. Every single product designed and manufactured by Francesco illustrates stylistic beauty, attention to detail, high-end materials and strictly artisanal workmanship.
Assumed identity that characterizes and distinguishes it from its competitors, the company expanded into the market, boasting today a leadership in the footwear industry with shoes and accessories appreciated abroad, to achieve in 2005 the certification Made in Italy.

Certification SWAROVSKI®

Shoes and exclusive accessories made with great skill and embellished with beautiful embroidery, fine fabrics, soft leathers and original CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI ®.
Plateau, high heels, precious silk, trendy and refined CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI ® colors express, together, the image of a strong woman, strong, sensual, poster of the times in which he lives. Check the authenticity of your SWAROVSKI ® crystals directly on the site

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